Back to Blogging Again

Just before one more year was added to my life last January, this blog went MIA.

And it went Missing In Action without any fanfare. I visited this that one fateful day to write one new blog post but it has apparently left without even saying good bye.

As it turned out, this blog’s disappearance had to do with hosting problems. Thanks to the help of my younger brother and my old blog host, this blog gasped with the breath of life again.

This blog was restored in March but I was no longer sure if I would still want to continue this. I thought it was much better to just continue with my other blogs and just let this one, well, rest in peace.

Just as this blog’s domain was expiring during the early part of July, I thought of pushing forward with this again. This blog is now “reborn” with focus on the major interests in my life.

Whether you’re family, friend or just a visitor — welcome (once again) to DeliLiving.

P.S. Unfortunately, due to the blog hosting drama, I lost all my 2016-2017 posts.  Such is life. But we must move on despite our “loss.”