TEN15 Shirts: Wear and Inspire

That’s right. What we wear can inspire us as well as others πŸ™‚ That’s something that TEN15 shirts hope to bring to one’s day which may be filled with challenges and burden: inspiration and truth. There’s nothing, after all, like truth to uplift one’s day. There’s nothing like the Word of God to inspire us and bring us all back to focus. And you can wear it, too, in style πŸ™‚


TEN15 also designs and prints shirts. And so for a minimum of 10 orders, you and your loved ones can wear shirts with your favorite Bible verse. TEN15 can also design and print for your event, camps or gathering.

And by the way, no shipping fees for orders within Butuan and Cebu. That’s right. But for orders outside these places, you will have to pay a bit of shipping fee for that.

For more information, check out TEN15 Facebook Page or TEN15 Pinterest account. You can also contact meΒ or leave a comment below πŸ™‚