Going for TEN15

As the year 2014 rolled in, I remembered wishing, praying for something new this year. And it seems like here’s one thing new that God has granted πŸ™‚

We call it TEN15. It’s basically aΒ start-up inspirational t-shirt clothing lineΒ committed to spreading the Good News. We draw inspiration from Romans 10:15 and Isaiah 52:7 from the Bible. If you are wondering who do I mean when I say we, then that includes me, my friend Karen and her sister, Emerald. You can also count in the lovely support of my husband, Daryl as well as Karen’s other sister, Hazel in the picture.

We believe that there is nothing like the Word of God to inspire and bless everyone. Β And we need it during days of rejoicing and during nights of desperation as well as during the in-between days. In fact, we need it all the time. We all need the message of God’s love for us all, we all need to be reminded that He has a purpose for everyone of us. And before I might be tempted to just preach here πŸ™‚ allow me to show you some of our currently available shirt designs: Β 




We have also decided to come up with the TEN15 red series of shirts. The series is aimed at producing shirts featuring our TEN15 colors which are red and white. Here’s the first one we’ve come up with:



So far, we are quite happy with the response of our customers πŸ™‚ Below are a couple of shots from them, wearing TEN15:


We are now in the process producing more shirts with new designs, so watch out for them in the next couple of weeks. We are also working on our Kid’s line due to insistent public demand πŸ™‚

By the way, TEN15 is also able to print and design shirts for events, camps and conferences.

Now, if the shirts are to your liking, then you should consider ordering one now πŸ™‚ No shipping fee for Butuan City and Cebu residents. To order and check out our designs, get in touch with us through our Facebook Page: TEN15 Clothing. We have just recently opened a pinterest account as well: TEN15 Clothing. We would also be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions. Leave them in our FB page, pinterest account or in the comments below πŸ™‚ Looking forward to hear from you then!