Hello. I am Delora Sales Simbajon. I am a certified life coach, writer/blogger and trainer.

I do not have all the answers in life nor am I 100 percent perfect in all I do but by God’s grace, I continue to change and grow.

I would also like to help others change and grow and live out their fullest potential in this journey called life.

For me to accomplish this means serving people in the areas of equipping and training, coaching and counselling and providing writing, editing and translation services.

I am able to do this, thanks to many years of work and personal experience, and undergoing training and studies.

You can find more details about my work experience and background in my Linked In account, just click HERE.  You can also email me for queries: bridges2day(at)yahoo(dot)com.

This blog will provide updates on my journey of providing my services as well as some of my own musings of work and of life.

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